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KW's Power Yoga Studio

Finally, a yoga studio in KW with a focus on power yoga. The Attic is a small, boutique studio that is a safe place to challenge yourself in an intimate class environment. If you are looking to work hard, try new things or deepen your practice we have a class for you. If you are looking to relax, gain some flexibility, improve your sleep, calm your mind, begin a meditation practice, or learn how to handstand, we have a class for you. If you are looking for small, un-intimidating, supportive classes this is the studio for you. 

We are also the home of Yogigos yoga retreats and offer retreats to a variety of destinations nearly every month. We have retreats for everyone.


Other events to look out for at The Attic are markets, workshops, trainings, an annual yoga festival, and events such as acro yoga, and monthly live music yoga sessions.

Your yoga instructor at The Attic is Megan Simpson ERYT500, RPYT, YACEP, Certified Rocket Yoga Instructor.



Come Flow With Us



A dynamic, power flow class with a focus on building strength. You can expect an upbeat playlist to keep the pace going and to keep you motivated. We will spend the class flowing, warming up and working towards a peak pose or two. Yoga experience recommended.


Rocket Yoga is a practice rooted in Ashtanga Yoga. It gives us an opportunity to explore our yoga practice and be adventurous, challenging our personal limits in a safe and intelligent way. It is a fast-paced, dynamic class with “daffodils” (fun options) added in for additional challenge and play. This class is a great opportunity to try new things, taking what works for our individual bodies and letting go of what does not. There is a heavy focus on breath in the rocket practice and to give each and every breath a purpose. It is about finding focus, concentration and silence as we really listen to our inner teacher.


This class is a combination of yoga and HIIT (high intensity interval training). While yoga activates slow twitch muscle fibres for holding power and endurance, HIIT activates fast twitch muscle fibres which will get your heart rate up and create muscle definition. Raise your metabolism, burn calories and fat, and have fun in this intense workout class.


A vinyasa flow class where we will move with our breath and listen to our bodies. This class can be as challenging or as relaxed as you wish as there will be modifications offered for different levels. Asanas are connected in a fun and intelligent way to allow smooth transitions and an energetic, dynamic practice.


Spend the first part of the class warming up with a fast-paced vinyasa flow, with special attention to strengthening areas of our bodies we will be using for our key poses we will play around with in the second half of class. Expect to spend some time working towards a variety of arm balances and inversions, as well as fun transitions from one to another. Different variations will be offered so you can take your time to work your way towards each pose. No pressure, just play!


This will be an introductory class where we will warm up with some skipping and exercises. Using gloves, pads and partners we will learn proper technique for basic punches and kicks as well as how to block them. Expect to sweat!


In a very busy, YANG society, we can all benefit from a little bit of YIN to balance it out. In this slow-paced class we will focus on passive postures, mostly seated or lying down. These poses will be held from 2-5 minutes, often with the support of blocks or bolsters. This class is great in combination with your faster yoga classes and is an excellent way to increase flexibility and regulate energy in the body.


A beautiful, relaxing practice with the ambiance of carefully set lighting, candles, soft music, aromatherapy, and gentle touch optional. Each pose will be fully supported with blocks or bolsters and we will hold each pose for 10-15 minutes. Relax, rest and begin to find a meditative state as this deep, passive stretching encourages you to let go of stress and find balance both physically and mentally.


Focus on the present moment. Get lost in your breath. Ground yourself. You will be guided through meditation styles and different techniques which may include sound healing, aromatherapy, use of crystals and more. Among its many benefits, this class helps to reduce stress and enhance self-awareness. Some have described feeling more relaxed and less distracted by their fleeting thoughts. Meditation has been said to help prevent memory loss as well as improve one's attention span.

*7am classes must sign in by 10pm the previous night



taxes not included



*new students only


                   $70                      *4 month minimum








1st Month Intro   $40

Monthly Auto-Renew   $70

20 Class Pass   $200

10 Class Pass   $120

5 Class Pass   $65

Drop In Class   $15



801 Queen's Blvd
Kitchener, N2M 1A6

*Getting here: Go through   gate and up the stairs.