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Alana- RYT200


  • 200 HR YTT The Attic Yoga

  • 50 HR Aerial Yoga | Ashtaerial Yoga

  • 40 HR Pilates | Pilates Affect Method with Lo Koehler

  • 20 HR Restorative Yoga | Lo Koehler

  • 50 HR Rocket Yoga | Jaimis Flynn Huff

  • 25 HR Rocket Yoga | Amber-Jean Marie, Yoga Ah Studio

  • Extensive anti-racism, equity and inclusion workshops, courses and trainings


What to expect

Alana’s classes usually get sweaty in the best possible way. She likes to laugh, create a playful and inclusive environment, and provide tidbits of yoga philosophy to encourage self-reflection. Alana sees yoga as a means of self-expression and encourages her students to find what version of the pose feels right for them, on that date.

Honouring the roots yoga – an Indian practice that has crossed time and space to us in the west – is important to Alana. Self-study, or svadhyaya, is a common theme in her classes, as is tapas or building fire and heat through discipline and challenge.

Her classes are for you if you like to laugh, to challenge yourself, to practice self-reflection and to explore the historic traditions of yoga.

Random fact

Alana is a published writer of short stories who is working on a novel. Storytelling is her jam.

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