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Amber - Yoga


  • 200 HR YTT The Attic Yoga

  • 20 HR Restorative Yoga | Lo Koehler

  • 50 HR Aerial | Ashtaerial (in progress)


What to expect

Amber has a passion for making classes that are accessible for people of all sizes and abilities. Acknowledging that this is easier said than done, she's always open to learning from those with different lived experience than her own.


You can expect to explore the mind-body connection with lots of reminders to let go of comparison and shift the focus to unattached observation. Her classes are for you if you're looking for a safe space to explore the abilities of your body at your pace.


Amber cherishes the wisdom and learning that yoga brings us beyond the physical poses. She believes that yoga classes should not be thought of as "work out" classes. Though she values the notion that movement and learning body awareness is healing. Come to Amber's classes to let go of expectations, learn through discomfort, and feel welcome exactly as you are. 

Random fact

Amber has a degree in Fine Arts where she focused primarily on metal sculpture. She mostly channels her creativity into making crafts like macrame plant hangers or bead bracelets now! 

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