Flow - A dynamic and creative sequencing of poses linked together by breath. Our vinyasa flow practices range in speed and intensity, but you can be sure you will feel the energy flowing through your body as you settle into your final savasana. PRO TIP: RETRO FLOW is our classic flow class with a retro playlist. FLOW 2 and POWER FLOW are slightly more challenging and strength based variations of our flow class.

Rocket - Rocket is a fast paced style of yoga sequenced by Larry Schultz in San Francisco. The sequences are based on the primary, intermediate and advanced series of ashtanga yoga, but structured in a way that allows the practitioner to adapt the class to their chosen level. Optional advanced poses are sprinkled throughout the class to challenge those who want it, but the rocket practice is all about connecting with your breath and choosing your own pace so can be adaptable for all levels.

Silent Rocket - This class is the same as our rocket class, but without music our verbal guidance. The instructor will move through the practice with you while providing visual guidance for you to follow along. A silent practice allows you a beautiful opportunity to flow with the sound of your own breath, to tune in and listen to your body, and to follow your inner guidance. Rocket experience recommended.

YinIn today's yang / fast paced world, the need becomes greater to slow down and find that yin balance. In this class we take a little bit longer to breath and settle into each floor pose, generally spending 3-5 minutes in each one. This allows us to move into our parasympathetic nervous system, slow the heart rate, and get deeper into our connective tissue. 

Yin YangThis class may either be an energetic flow for the first half of the class, closed out with a few yin poses to slow things down (generally in the evening), or a relaxing yin practice to ease you into the class as we gradually add in movement and get the blood flowing (a great way to start the day). Don't get too attached to this description, this class will have you both flowing and yinning one way or another to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Arm BalancesDuring this class we will take the first half to warm up for a chosen arm balance or inversion, and the second half to break it down step by step, letting go of attachment to the pose and taking time to play. You do not need to have previous arm balance experience to join, just a willingness to listen to your body and to try.

Slow SundayA slow, intuitive flow class with a few yin poses throughout. This class will help you to chill and refresh for the week ahead. Props are optional if you want some assistance sinking deeper into relaxation, but you'll be just fine without them too!

RestorativeThis class is all about slowing down your body and mind and letting go of control. Bolsters, blocks and blankets assist you into passive, relaxing stretches with holds up to ten minutes. Pair that with soothing ambient music, relaxing aromatherapy, and optional hands on adjustments (pandemic pending).

Yoga Nidra - One hour of nidra is said to be equivalent to 4 hours of sleep. This class will begin with gentle movement followed by 30 minutes of guided meditation. We recommend bring two blankets and two pillows for your comfort during class.

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