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Denise - Baptiste Yoga


  • Baptiste Level 1, 2, 3 Power Yoga Canada

  • FIT to Lead | Faculty in Training (2 years)

  • Workshops | Baron Baptiste, Sean Corne, Cyndi Lee, Philip Urso

  • Professional Dancer | 10 years


What to expect

In Denise's class you can expect to be challenged in the most loving way. She creates an inviting, inclusive and fun atmosphere and is all about creating community. She will guide you through a powerful flow sequence that will transform your body, mind, heart and spirit, leaving you empowered and inspired. Discover your unique strengths, whether in child's pose or handstands.

Random fact

A lifetime ago, Denise graduated from RAPA (Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts) where she then pursued her acting/dancing/singing career in movies/tv, theatre and music videos such as Good Charlotte's "Dance Floor Anthem".

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