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Myofascial Release Training with Iysha

Learn how to ROLL! Rolling with therapy balls can reduce pain, release trigger points and fascial adhesions, as well as improve blood flow and mobility. Rolling when cued and used correctly can affect the nervous system and aid in relaxation, anxiety/stress reduction, and overall system regulation.


  • 40hr program (30 hours in person, 10 hours pre-recorded online)

  • 1 set of tune-up rolling balls, 1 inflatable therapy ball, and 1 yoga strap

  • Myofascial Release Manual

  • Access to Iysha's online movement platform for 1 month


  • Anatomy of the nervous system and physiology of fascia

  • The fascial lines of the body

  • Postural assessment

  • Rolling applications

  • Myofascial trigger points and pain referral patterns

  • Risks of rolling and modifications

  • Pain relief techniques using therapy balls

  • Nervous system regulation techniques for anxiety and relaxation

  • A non-invasive way to target pain and tension for yourself, and your students



FEBRUARY 4-5 and 11-12

Saturdays 10-6

Sundays 10-6


$575 CAD + hst 

Deposit - Pay in full

Refund Policy - Non-refundable. You may transfer credit and use funds towards a future training with Iysha if cancellation is received within 14 days prior to training start date. (Feb 4th)

Prerequisites - To take this training, you must be a certified yoga instructor or certified Pilates instructor, from a YTT or Pilates TT program in which Iysha has taught the 20hr anatomy component of the training.

Note - In the future there will be an option to take a supplementary online anatomy course with Iysha prior to signing up for the 40hr Myofascial Release Training for those who haven't taken anatomy with Iysha before.

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