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Parent + Babe Yoga

Join Andrea for a special class along with your little. Spend some time connecting and bonding with babe, and take some time to move your body, getting back into your groove and feeling yourself! These sessions are a great way to meet other parents and find some community.


February 1st - March 8th

Wednesdays at 10:30am

6 WEEK SESSION - $120 / DROP IN $25 (if space permits)

To register, click the link below. This will take you to Andrea's website, where you can scroll down to "Packages: Parent + Babe Yoga at The Attic"


Q: Is it safe to bring my baby to the studio (Covid in-mind)?

A: We completely understand this question. It’s a difficult time and can be especially challenging for parents with babies. Rest assured, the studio cleans and sanitizes the studio floors and touch surfaces with high quality disinfectant.


We have also just put in an air exchange/purification unit that draws 7 cubic feet of air out of the room per minute, and replaces it with fresh air from outside! This plays a huge part in slowing the spread of viruses!


Q. Do the babies do yoga?

A. No! The parents do the yoga, the babies just lie there looking cute! The babies typically sit or lie on a blanket set up in front of your mat (they can also stay in their car seat or other type of seat). You can tend to your baby exactly as you might at home - take a break from the class to breast/bottle feed, walk baby around to settle them, or simply sit on your mat and play with baby if they are demanding your attention! Everything is okay and welcome. Some parents will bring along a carrier/wrap and do the entire class/or part of the class with baby strapped to their body. I can make accommodations for however you show up to practice. 


Q. Is there a minimum age for the babies?

A. No, all babies under 1 year old are perfect for this class. If you are the birth mother, it’s entirely up to you when you feel ready to practice again. If you are less than 6 weeks postpartum, this is useful information for us to have so we can cue you appropriately to help you move in a way that is safe for your body. We also suggest getting the all clear from your healthcare provider to return to yoga.


Q. What if my baby cries the entire class?

A. That’s okay! You can do your best to care for your baby the same way you would at home. Come do some yoga with us when you’re able, and enjoy getting out of the house. 


Q. What if I need to change my baby’s diaper in class?

A. You can do that right where you are (in the class), or for privacy take baby to the washroom where there will be a changing pad available.


Q. My baby is under 1, but is crawling/walking. What happens when they crawl/walk away from me?

A. Of course they will crawl/walk away from you! This is no problem and completely expected. We will have age-appropriate toys available which will often distract baby enough to stay still for a while. There will also be opportunities to include baby in your practice so you can keep them close while still doing yoga. 


Q. I am breastfeeding, what if I need to feed my baby during class?

A. Please feel welcome to feed your baby whenever and wherever you like. You can feed baby on your mat, you can go sit against a wall for support, or leave the room and find a comfy spot up in our lounge for privacy if you prefer. Whatever makes you and baby the most comfortable. 


Fun fact: Babies love babies! Look forward to watching your baby become mesmerized by the other babies in the room and remain distracted enough for you to do yoga!

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