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Services at The Attic






*new members only 

Two weeks unlimited - $35                               

  • includes aerial

  • includes towel service

  • includes mat rental

MEMBERSHIPS - monthly auto-renew

Attic Unlimited - $150/month                        

*3 month minimum contract, renews until you cancel with staff

  • includes aerial

  • includes towel service

  • friend pass once/month (new members only)

Stepping Stone - $75/month for 3 months  


SINGLE MONTH - non-renewing

1 month unlimited - $175                                   

  • includes aerial

  • includes towel service

  • includes mat rental

ANNUAL PASS - single payment

1 year unlimited - $1400                                   

  • includes aerial

  • includes towel service

  • includes mat rental

For late policy, cancellation policy, refund policy, etiquette and what to expect CLICK HERE.




Is there a cap on unlimited classes?

Unlimited class passes give you access to class every day, up to 2 classes per day. Because we are a small, boutique studio, we need to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to get into a class.

Does my membership renew each month?

Yes. If you purchase a membership, you must have a credit card on file which will be charged each month until you cancel. Auto-renew memberships have a minimum commitment of 3 months and will renew until cancelled. 

How do I cancel my membership if I have completed my minimum 3 month auto-renew?

Memberships can only be cancelled by speaking to a front desk rep or by emailing They can only be cancelled after the 3 month minimum commitment has been completed. 

Can I cancel my membership before the 3 months is up?

No. The only way to cancel before the minimum 3 month commitment is to upgrade your pass to the single month option for each month you attended and pay the difference. The lower cost of a renewing membership is due to the commitment.

What if I do not want to commit to 3 months?

That's ok! We have other options for you including a single month pass or class passes. The commitment just saves you some money monthly.

What is the STEPPING STONE membership?

We have created the stone membership as a budget friendly option at half the cost of the monthly membership. The stone membership gives you access to 4 classes per month. Because it is meant as a more accessible option, it does not include the bells and whistles such as towel service or mat rental. This membership renews for 3 months and then discontinues on it's own, no cancellation required. No holds.

Can I put my membership on hold?

Yes, auto-renew memberships can be put on old for up to one month. It does NOT have to align with your renewal date, whatever is remaining on your current month will be shifted forward to when you return. A start and end date are both required for a hold. Unfortunately the stone membership, intro pass and annual passes are not eligible for a hold. 

If I haven't used my membership or class passes can I receive a refund?

All payments including memberships, class passes, single month and drop ins are non-refundable. 

Can I extend the expiry date of my class passes?

All of our class passes are priced according to current studio costs as well as the season. Sometimes we have class pass sales to give a little bit of a boost to class numbers during slow times. We set our package expiry accordingly. All expiry dates are clearly posted when purchasing. For this reason, we offer expiry extensions at a cost of $30 for an additional month to use up your remaining passes. We send out an email when you have 2 weeks remaining on your passes, so make sure you have our emails set up on your safe list!

Alternatively, if you purchase another class pass, we will add your remaining classes to that package, however they MUST be used by the expiry date of the new pass with no extension option.

For late policy, cancellation policy, refund policy, etiquette and what to expect CLICK HERE.

Membership FAQs
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