• 200 HR YTT Yandara Yoga

  • 100 HR Immersive meditation training Swami Nardanand, Swami Tapasya Ma

  • 50 HR Yin Yoga trainingBernie Clark 

  • Yin yoga immersion workshop | Premadasa Gangadeen 

  • Restorative yoga training | Selam Debs

  • Rocket yoga workshop | Megan Goodchild 

  • Trauma-aware yoga teachingEmma Dines


What to expect

Sandra's approach is fun and nurturing. She loves to inspire others to be open and accepting of themselves, wherever they may be on their own journey. You can expect to be challenged in new ways. Sometimes that may be quieting down and becoming more introspective, and sometimes it's to be open to a fun and unexpected creative sequence.

Random fact

I am exactly 5 feet tall.

My first language is French.

I have jumped out of a plane.