• Diploma of Massage Therapy and Hydrotherapy Trimesters

  • Massage Therapy Education

  • Perinatal Professional Development

  • Hot Stone Massage


What to expect

Sydney's approach to massage therapy is therapeutic. With gentle opening techniques to warm up the tissue and then working into deep techniques using the appropriate and desired pressure of the client.


Her goal is to work with the client to form a treatment plan that improves their overall health and creates as many benefits as possible. She enjoys treating a wide variety of clients, from therapeutic, to maternity, to relaxation massage. She values the importance of educating her clients and informing them of all treatment options, including homecare exercises, techniques used in treatment and referrals when needed.

Random fact

I grew up competitively figure skating and coached for a few years as well. I have a love for all things home decor, photography and ice cream!