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Our Story

The Attic Yoga offers hot yoga, non-heated yoga, aerial, barre, pilates and a comfy, cozy lounge in Kitchener-Waterloo.


Why are we called The Attic when we are actually located in the cutest little storefront, you ask? Good question.


In October 2018, owner Megan Goodchild began leading early morning rocket yoga and workshops out of her attic. These classes gained enough momentum to open a full-service yoga studio complete with a separate entrance and patio hangout space in May 2019. 


In its first year, The Attic blossomed into an amazing community of tiny tea drinkers (not to brag, but we’re notorious for our complimentary tiny teas). The Attic has received Waterloo Record Readers’ Choice Awards for Best Yoga Studio, Best Pilates and Best Yoga Instructors from 2020-2023....including an award for best studio when we were in between homes. If that doesn't emphasize that it's all about the community, I don't know what does!

While the original Attic Kitchener had to spend most of 2020/2021 with its doors closed, we are so excited to welcome you to the new and improved Attic Yoga DTK! But to answer your original question, we are and always will be The Attic no matter where we grow in order to honour our roots. The Attic is designed to make you feel right at home with our comfy couches, tiny teas and inclusive community. 


Welcome home.

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