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Corporate Wellness

Benefits of a workplace wellness program include:

  • Mindfulness and presence which can result in higher productivity

  • Improved focus

  • Improved sleep

  • Reduced stress

  • Focus geared to common workplace ailments such as posture, wrists, low back and hips

  • Happier, healthier employees

  • Team building and workplace connections


Why at The Attic Studios?

  • Close by

  • You don’t have to provide the space or equipment

  • New environment for employees for an hour

  • Highly trained and knowledgeable instruction

  • Award winning studio

  • Fully equipped facilities including water filtration and top of the line air filtration

  • The only local place with aerial fitness facilities


How many people?

  • We can accommodate up to 23 ppl in our DTK facility, or 13 for aerial classes. Aerial wellness adds a whole new element of support, empowerment and fun, and is only available locally at The Attic.


Lunchtime slots available. You can choose yoga + mindfulness or aerial classes, as well as your preferred date and time. An invoice/payment receipt will be provided.


  • single class $100 + $10pp

  • recurring weekly class $100/week flat rate.

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