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Aerial Hammock



  • relieve joint pressure

  • spinal decompression

  • make challenging poses more accessible

  • fascial release

  • balance and proprioception

  • access to inverted poses

  • deep relaxation and support

What to wear

  • form fitting clothing that covers the armpits

  • bandages to cover any wounds

  • clean body and feet

  • jewelry, zippers and gum are not permitted on the hammocks

All aerial participants must complete an in person aerial waiver with a staff member and provide an emergency contact prior to taking their first aerial class.​ (Takes about 10 minutes, so come early as latecomers are not permitted.)

Aerial Class Styles

Aerial Hammock is a wonderful practice that can be very beneficial in building strength, balance and flexibility, easing tension on the joints, or even making poses accessible that may not be in your mat practice.

Aerial Stretch and Restore is a fun way to gently create space in the body, and take your relaxation practice to the next level while you tap into your parasympathetic nervous system with your weight supported by the aerial silks.

Aerial Pilates is a next level Pilates class which will challenge target areas in the same set style you love from your hot Pilates classes, but with the fun assistance of the aerial hammock. 

Aerial Cocoon is the power nap you need to revitalize you for the rest of your day. In this guided meditation you will spend 30 minutes in a big hug from your aerial hammock, with some gentle verbal guidance.