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Contacting Us

Due to the nature of the type of business we are, a landline is not an efficient way of getting in touch with us. Yoga studios generally don't have landlines for several reasons.

The studio is open in the evenings. If we provide a landline for you to call, you will be waiting all day to hear back from us. Even if we are in studio in the evenings, we may not be at the desk. We are often away from the desk giving studio tours, teaching classes, making lattes, cleaning bathrooms, or setting up the aerial studio. 

It also does not create a very relaxing and peaceful environment to have a phone ringing constantly in the studio, and we work hard to provide a space for you that allows you to escape from the hustle and bustle.

If you reach out to us by email, we will get your message quickly and respond promptly. 


For a short moment in time I provided my personal cell phone number, and what I found was that I would receive calls and texts far outside of business hours, it did not allow me the opportunity to ever be off work or to have uninterrupted time with my family, and to be honest, there were no calls in which the answers couldn't be found on our website, or a quick easy email away.

Thank you for understanding. If you have a question or need to reach out, chances are you can find the answers on our website, or we are always an email away!

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