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Studio Etiquette

First time at a studio, or just not sure what to bring or what to expect? Find out here!

We're not all rules, but for your positive experience, we do have a few! Here they are.

Refund Policy - Drop-ins, class passes and memberships are non-refundable. If you cancel your reservation before the 3 hour cancelation window, your drop-in or class pass can be applied to your next visit.

Late Cancelation Policy - Once you have reserved a class, we require a minimum of 3 hours notice to cancel your reservation free of charge. You can still cancel within the 3 hour window, however, a $10 late cancel fee will be automatically charged. This is to give someone on the waitlist ample notice to be able to get to class. Emailing the studio or staff does not count as signing yourself out. You must use the APP.

No-Shows - There is a $20 no-show fee for booking a spot if you don't attend or sign out. Please consider that when you are reserved for a class, you are holding that spot and preventing someone else from attending. This affects the students, the teachers and the studio. 

Late Policy - We do not allow latecomers into classes as it is distracting to both students in the class and the instructor. We know things happen, and we will try to accommodate you by finding space for you in the next class.

Double classes - Back to back classes are only permitted if there is a minimum of 15 minute gap between. A hot class followed by an aerial class is not allowed unless there is time for a shower in between.

Classroom Etiquette - To maintain a quiet and relaxing space, there are no cell phones permitted in the class, even if they are turned off. We have lockers available for personal items to ensure a clean and clutter free movement space. Please only attend a class if you have the time to attend the entire class. Packing up before the end of class is unpleasant and distracting to the experience of those around you. If you borrow a mat, please spray it down with the mat cleaner provided and return it to the front desk.

Common Space Etiquette - Please keep noise to a minimum in the locker area. There are classes going on at all times and the hallway noise can be alarming for those in a class. We have a lounge area available for socializing, tea, and asking your instructor questions.

Showers - Please keep showers to a few minutes as a courtesy to those waiting.

What to Bring - All classes require a mat including barre, Pilates and aerial, and you may want to bring a water bottle with you. All kickboxing classes require you to bring your own hand wraps, which we have available for sale at the studio.

Aerial Yoga - For what to expect when signing up for and attending aerial classes, click here.

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