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Stacey - barre


  • Zumba Basic  1 

  • Zumba Rhythms 2

  • Zumba Toning Training

  • 35 HR Barre Affect Method | Lo Koehler

  • 20 HR Restorative Yoga | Lo Koehler


What to expect

Ballet teacher turned Zumba instructor turned Barre instructor!   Stacey loves to move and has been teaching different forms of movement for almost 25 years.  Stacey’s classes are energetic, motivating, and upbeat.  Stacey strives to create a welcoming atmosphere where people feel comfortable to be their authentic self, to let go of stress and to get lost in the music and movement of the class.   

Random fact

Stacey LOVES coffee.  So much so, that she sets an alarm each morning to enjoy her first cup in peace...and quiet....and in solitude.

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