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Stephanie - RYT200


  • 200HR YTT | Abhinam Yoga Centre, India

  • 20HR Restorative TT | Juici Yoga

  • 20HR Teaching Online | The Institute of Yoga Sports Science


What to expect

Stephanie enjoys weaving together the wisdom of traditional yoga with her experience in strength training to inspire students to turn inward, play, and discover new levels of physical and mental strength. Stephanie's classes come with a touch of spice and encourage you to explore the three gunas - presence/balance (sattva), energy/activity (ragas), and grounding/ease (tamas). Through dynamic classes, you will cultivate inner serenity and strength that transcends from the studio into every facet of life. 

Random fact

Steph previously competed in fitness competitions and found yoga as part of her recovery to a new balanced lifestyle. 

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